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Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

We offer our clients several customer loyalty programs. Check them out below.

Grandfather Program

This program is designed to provide transition to a maintenance service after your initial warranty period has expired. For example, if the six month warranty for mouse control has ended, you can elect enrollment in a quarterly plan which covers 15 different pests, without incurring the initial set-up cost.

Save The Price

Our Save The Price program locks in the cost of a one-time application for pest like ants, spiders, or silverfish. We make the appropriate application once a year, and maintain the price for a three year period. This provides a fixed cost, as well as the peace of mind and protection that a yearly service provides.

Referral Reward Program

Our clients have been extremely generous in recommending our company to family and friends over the years. In appreciation, we initiated the Referral Reward Program. A Visa gift card is presented to customers whose referral leads to a completed application. We also conduct quarterly and yearly contests for both the number of referrals, and total amount generated.

If you have any questions regarding these programs , please call 617-529-4913, or fill out this contact form.