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Bed Bugs

Bed bug control is easily the most complicated issue in our industry. With increased travel both in and out of the country, the path for these insects to hitchhike from one place to another has become increasingly available.

As their name suggests, they are most often found in or near beds. This allows them to feed  when we are sleeping or resting. Although bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, the mere thought of an insect preying on you while  asleep is distressful. Allergic reactions are often seen as well.

Our approach to a bed bug infestation starts with a thorough inspection of the premises. While most often found in bedrooms, they will frequently migrate to any area of the home where people sit or rest for extended periods. They are also found in furniture, electronic devices, behind baseboards, and in hanging pictures. In heavily infested homes,  we have even seen activity in bathrooms and kitchens.

After evaluation, we will develop a treatment plan. It will include frequency of application, materials used, and a detailed list of preparations . This plan is then reviewed with the homeowner, considering any special circumstances.

When needed, preparation assistance is available.

A suspected bed bug infestation requires a trained and experienced professional to successfully resolve the issue.

This is NOT a do-it-yourself situation. Attempting to tackle this problem  on your own can spread the insects throughout the house. In addition, the application of over the counter materials by untrained individuals may  result in unwanted exposure.